Monday, May 12, 2014

Steampunk Light - The "Flux Capacitor II"

My Steampunk Light, the "Flux Capacitor II" is my salute to one of my most favorite Mad Scientists of the Hollywood silver screen Mr. Christopher Lloyd. He played Dr. Emmett Brown in one of the most totally awesome 1980's movies ever Back to the Future. WARNING! This contraption has not been tested for safe time travel on humans, so be the first! (Timepiece shown not included)

Steampunk Light

 Steampunk Light Steampunk Light

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Gothic Lamp Desk Set

Check out my latest creation ... The Gothic Desk Set! Set comes complete with pen or feather quill well, envelope or stationery clip and display stand for your favorite vintage or Gothic photo! I'm showing off one of my favorite Stereoscope cards from my personal collection! I've added a rust patina to this piece and have received so much positive feedback I'm considering adding the patina to at least half of my current collection of sculptures! Baling wire "holding" the rusting pipe together gives it that final salvaged touch! I've stuck with my favorite dark walnut stain the base and then added felt pads on the bottom to prevent scratching your fine furniture. When completed, there was a space on the front left portion of the base that needed "something" ... so I started digging through my junk drawers and I found a vintage skeleton key that I had purchased from an antique store years ago and added it on! Now I feel the piece is truly "complete"! The creepy "goth" style lighting is courtesy of one of my favorite vintage style filament bulbs and you've just got to see this piece at night to get the whole creepy spooky effect! Design © Andy Nortnik.

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Gothic LightGothic Lamp

Goth LampGoth Light


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mad Scientist Radio Tube Desk Lamp

Check out my latest creation from the "mad lab" ... a very Steampunk or Retro Futuristic Radio Tube Desk Lamp! This one is straight out of Mary Shelley's Doctor Frankenstein lab! An ultra cool warm glow from the radio style tube bulb gives your room an eerie dungeon vibe, but this lamp would look equally cool in a Gothic library or Victorian den! I've hand finished the wooden base with two coats of beautiful Dark Walnut stain and a final coat of glossy polyurethane. This lamp measures approximately 19 1/2" Tall by 9 1/2" at the Base. Buy Two lamps to create a matching set! Design © Andy Nortnik.

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SteampunkSteampunk LampIndustrial Lamp

Machine Age LampMad Scientist LampGothic Lamp

Monday, August 5, 2013

Steampunk Lamp - The Kegerator

For your viewing pleasure, I submit to you my latest machine age metal artistic lighting sculpture from my mad scientist laboratory ... The Steampunk Kegerator! This lamp has an awesome vintage tavern feel complete with new and re-purposed pipe and hardware. It stands approximately 22" Tall by 9 1/2" Wide at the Base. I've stained the base using a beautiful dark walnut color and finished it off with a coat of glossy polyurethane. I've chosen a neato keen brass gauge as an accent and the classic bar globe lamp for illumination along with a vintage reproduction Coors tap handle. Not a Coors beer fan? No problemo! Most beer tap handles are universal! Swap out the existing Coors Tap with your own personal favor beer tap via one 5/16" bolt hidden within the brass hose bibb! Each lamp is signed and dated by the artist with its own unique Serial Number. Order your man cave bar lamp today! Design © Andy Nortnik.

Email me (andy at andynortnik dot com) for Pricing and Shipping info

Steampunk LampSteampunkBeer Tap
IndustrialMachine AgeMan Cave